Acting Program

The Acting Program is a two semester course in Acting for Film led by industry professionals.

The Acting Program is a one year long international program in English. During the program you will perform mainly in front of the camera together with students from all over the world. You will not only participate in short films but also learn how a film set works and how to prepare as an actor with classes in several acting techniques, vocal and physical acting, stage fighting and more. The program is focused on finding your way in to the film industry and you will work with casting agents as well as experienced actors and filmmakers. A showreel with 8-12 short films, CV and photos will be delivered to you at the end of the year to start your career in film.

To ensure a high level of quality and each student’s individual development, we only accept a few students each year. The educators and administrators work daily to ensure that each student has access to all aspects of an excellent acting education and excellent opportunities to develop and succeed as a professional within the film and theatre business in Sweden and abroad.

Name of education: Acting Program

Level: Diploma

Course starts: 26 August 2024

Length: 38 weeks, 2 semesters

Pace: 100%

Qualification: No previous experience required

Application deadline: Open for late application

CSN (Swedish student aid): No

Tuition fees: €12000 /year

The Acting Program is an intensive two semester course. During two semesters you study:

  • How to analyze text.
  • How to prepare as an actor.
  • How to build a character for theatre, film and voice acting.
  • How to work with physical acting.
  • How to use your voice.
  • How to work with a director for theatre and film.
  • How to interact with other producers, directors, cinematograhers and all other areas of film production.
  • How to collaborate.
  • How to find your own personal vision as an artist.

€12000 /year
At admission, the student will be invoiced the first installment (admission fee) of their tuition cost of €200. When the admission fee is received by the school, the admission is definite and the student has reserved their vacancy. The second installment of €11.800 has to be paid before the beginning of the school year according to invoice sent to the student. When nonpayment according to invoice occurs, statutory fees will be added. All invoices are sent via email to the address submitted in the application. For further information please see the full terms and conditions.

The Acting Program is not covered by CSN – Swedish Board of Student Finance.

We do not offer accommodation services.

The average price range for rooms in Stockholm is €400 to €1000 a month depending of the distance to the city centre. 

Anmälan Acting Program Eng

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  • CV
  • Personal letter with a photo of yourself, maximum one A4 page
  • A copy of your passport

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Take a peek at what it looks like on set while our students are shooting film.
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