This intensive one year program equips students with the skills and knowledge needed for successful scriptwriting across various formats.

Name: Scriptwriting Program

Level: Diploma

Language: English

Course starts: 26 August 2024 

Length: 38 weeks, 2 semesters

Pace: 100%

Qualification: No previous experience required

Application deadline: Open for late application

CSN (Swedish student aid): No

Tuition fees: €12000/year

€12000 /year 
At admission, the student will be invoiced the first installment (admission fee) of their tuition cost of €200. When the admission fee is received by the school, the admission is definite and the student has reserved their vacancy. The second installment of €11.800 has to be paid before the beginning of the school year according to invoice sent to the student. When nonpayment according to invoice occurs, statutory fees will be added. All invoices are sent via email to the address submitted in the application. For further information please see the full terms and conditions.

The Scriptwriting Program is not covered by CSN – Swedish Board of Student Finance.
Stockholm Film School does not offer scholarships for international students.

Scriptwriting Program Outline

  • Introduction to Scriptwriting
    • Program overview
    • Storytelling basics
  • Screenplay Structure and Formatting
    • Three-Act Structure
    • Character Development
  • Writing Scenes and Dialogue
    • Scene construction
    • Crafting dialogue
  • Genre, Tone, and Originality
    • Exploring genres and tone
    • Developing original concepts
  • Peer Review and Feedback
    • Script sharing and peer feedback
  • Character Arcs and Development
    • Creating multi-dimensional characters
    • Character arcs
  • Plot Development
    • Advanced plotting techniques
    • Handling subplots
  • Writing for TV and Web
    • TV series structure and episodes
    • Web series format and distribution
  • Advanced Genre Exploration
    • In-depth genre study
    • Genre-specific scriptwriting
  • Script Editing and Revision
    • Advanced revision techniques
    • Industry-standard scripts
  • Pitching and Querying
    • Crafting effective pitches and queries
    • Mock pitch sessions
  • Legal Aspects and Marketing
    • Copyright, contracts, and marketing
    • Building a writer’s brand
  • Guest Lectures and Networking
    • Industry expert insights
    • Networking opportunities
  • Portfolio Development
    • Final portfolio preparation
    • Peer and mentor feedback
  • Graduation and Presentation
    • Final portfolio presentation
    • Graduation ceremony

Additional Features:

  • Guest speakers and industry workshops.
  • One-on-one mentorship and regular feedback sessions are available.

Admission Requirements:

  • Writing sample.
  • Admission interview assessing commitment to scriptwriting.

Graduation Requirements:

  • Successful completion of all coursework and assignments.
  • Active participation in workshops, feedback sessions, and networking events.

This condensed 38-week scriptwriting program provides a comprehensive education in scriptwriting.

Anmälan Scriptwriting Program Eng (#41)

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