student visa


Studying in Sweden
– EU citizens

As an EU citizen you have the right to work, study or live in Sweden without a residence permit. This is called right of residence. If you have right of residence in Sweden you do not need to contact the Swedish Migration Agency. Read more on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

Studying in Sweden
– non EU citizens

In order to study at Stockholms Filmskola, you must have a residence permit.In order to study in Sweden, you must have a residence permit.This permit must have been obtained before leaving for Sweden. Please read below the requirements for obtaining a residence permit for studies in Sweden or visit the Swedish Migration Agency’s  website.



Please be advised that Stockholm Filmskola will not be able to provide accommodation for students. We can, however, help you to get in contact with other students and applicants. It is often easier to find a suitable room or apartment together with other students.



To obtain a residence permit, you must…

  • hold a valid passport
  • have been accepted for full-time studies
  • be covered by a fully-comprehensive health insurance that is valid in Sweden
  • be able to support yourself throughout the period for which you apply for a residence permit

You must be able to show that…

  • you have funds for the period for which you apply for a residence permit
  • you have your support secured by means of verification of your own bank assets, a scholarship or similar means of support, such as a study grant from your home country

To be granted a residence permit, you need…

  • to have been accepted to and have a written acceptance letter from Stockholms Filmskola
  • to apply online on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website before leaving for Sweden

Apply at the Swedish Migration Agency…