The International Film Program is a two semester intensive full-time course where you study script writing, directing, cinematography, film production, sound and editing, through practical exercises as well as seminars and lectures.

The economic and cultural conditions for film production varies around the world, but the core fundamentals of drama and film storytelling are universal. Working and creating film with an international group of students will help you develop in a multitude of ways, and will build the international network you need for the future!

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The International Film Program is a two semester foundation course. During two semesters you’ll study script writing, directing, cinematography, film production, sound and editing through practical exercises as well as seminars and lecturers. The first semester is dedicated to the fundamentals of practical film making which prepares students for more in-depth studies during the second semester. The second semester offers students the opportunity to specialize in specific fields with the goal of every student developing their talent, realizing their visions, and laying the groundwork for a future in film. During the second semester, the students make a feature film together.

To ensure a high level of quality and each student’s individual development, we only accept a few students each year. The educators and administrators work daily to ensure that each student has access to all aspects of an excellent film production education, and excellent opportunities to develop and succeed as a professional within the film business in Sweden and abroad.

Our educational model is based on the simple method of learning by doing and subsequently analyzing what has been done. When that is done we go out and do it again. This process is repeated over and over until the students begin to master the film language. In parallel, each student is encouraged to search for their own creative voice. Theory comes in when we analyze the films we make.

Name of education:International Film Program
Course starts:29 August 2022
Extent:38 weeks, 2 semesters/terms
Qualification :Senior high school or such
CSN (Swedish student aid):No
Tuition fees:€9000/year

You learn the basics of the complex profession of the film producer. As a director you learn to process a text and analyse the characters. You participate in workshops with actors while practicing directing and you train in how to pitch your ideas. As a cinematographer you will become familiar with different kind of professional camera equipment and learn about lighting in different environments. 

You get to make films in studio, on location, and outdoors. We always work creatively in small production teams of 5-7 students. 

The studies at the International Film Production Program is 80% practical and 20 % theoretical.

€9000 /year
At admission, the student will be invoiced the first installment (admission fee) of their tuition cost of €600. When the admission fee is received by the school, the admission is definite and the student has reserved their vacancy. The second installment of €8400 has to be paid before the beginning of the school year according to invoice sent to the student. When nonpayment according to invoice occurs, statutory fees will be added. All invoices are sent via email to the address submitted in the application. For further information please see the full terms and conditions.

The International Film Program is not covered by CSN – Swedish Board of Student Finance.
Stockholm Film School does not offer scholarships for international students.

Stockholm Film School can not offer accommodation to students unfortunately.

The average price range for rooms in Stockholm is €400 to €1000 a month depending of the distance to the city centre. Read more about your stay in Sweden.


Listen to what our students at the International Film Program have to say about the education, how it has been moving to Sweden, what has been the best things so far and what they will be doing in five years from now. Click on the images to see the film

Gunnar’s method of working on the students’ scripts really helps to find out problems and makes the student solve them in a creative way
I came to this school knowing very a few things about cinematography and now I feel comfortable, also having two cinematography teachers in their differences works very well to get a full tuition. Shooting in 16mm was fantastic experience and learning. Great!
It was very good also the opportunity to collaborate between classes. I think I described basically everything, but once again I loved my time here this was really one of the best periods of my life
Yes !! You guys are the best !!


  • CV
  • personal letter with photo of yourself– maximum one A4 page
  • a script for a short film you have written
  • copy of your passport

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Take a peek at what it looks like on set while our students are shooting film.
Click on the images to see a short video.