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Application to Practical Film Education 2019/2020 will open in February 2019.

The Practical Film programme is taught in Swedish and offered to students from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). International students are referred to apply to our International Film programme

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Practical Film Education 1 is a basic education directed at you who want to take your first steps into the film industry. You like film or other forms of expression. Maybe you have experience from other educations or work related to film. Maybe you are itching to explore your creative sides. You work in teams and get to try out the various functions in a film production.

We are geared towards those of you who have a strong commitment and an urge to develop.

Practical exercises. Practical and theoretical lessons. Seminars and lectures.

You are trained in script writing, directing, cinematography, sound, lighting, editing and film analysis. You get to make films in a studio and outdoors. You learn how to write screenplays, credible conflicts and dialogues, for different genres. We teach the basics of the complex profession of the film producer. You will learn about the artistic as well as technical aspects of film editing. As a director you learn to process a text and analyze characters. You participate in workshops with professional actors while practicing directing. There are guest lecturers and seminars in other professions, like casting, film scoring, business, pitching etc.

In addition to scheduled teaching, exercises and projects you have the opportunity to assist on the projects conducted by Practical Film 2, which gives you experience and a wider network of contacts.

You will be visited by previous students who tell of their journey from the school until today. You make visits to different parts of the film industry, and visit professional shoots, Swedish and international ones.

Name of education:Practical Filmstudies 1
Course starts:August 2018
Deadline for application:closed
Extent:40 weeks, 2 semesters/terms
Competence:Senior high school or such
CSN (Swedish student aid)?:Yes, including possibility of loans covering tuition fees
Tuition fees:87.000 SEK / year


When studying Practical Film, you can be entitled to Swedish financial student aid from CSN (Centrala Studiestödsnämnden), which means you have the right to study funds and loans for the weeks you study with us. You can also apply for an additional loan to pay a part of the tuition fee. Read more about the additional loan at CSN.

The education is supervised by the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (Myndigheten för Yrkeshögskolan). This means that a review will be conducted of whether the education meets the requirements and objectives of the higher vocational education in Sweden as formulated by law and regulation, and is conducted in accordance with the education plan applicable to each education.

Practical film education is part of Arts and culture education, which is its own form of education with its own rules and regulations.


Practical Film Education 2, year 2, takes you more in depth towards finding your vocation, formulating your goals and equipping yourself for your work in the film business, or for applying to higher education.

This is where you refine your filmmaking craftsmanship and delve deeper into the different disciplines. Here too, you work in teams.  With more experience and security in knowing what you want to achieve, we also raise the bar on what we expect from you and the film you want to make.

Count on tough argumentations and having to defend and sell what you want to do, just like in the film industry. Tuition transitions more into concrete consultation.

Advanced and in-depth courses and exercises. We go into detail level in each different subject where you are faced with new challenges.

Apart from the longer film productions that are made at the school you now have a closer contact with the film industry when you as a team make commercials for real customers. More seminars with guest teachers from different professions, concrete advice and know-how from people recounting their stories of how they came into the business.

The term ends with an internship where you have the chance of learning ”out in the field” and at the same time acquiring invaluable contacts for the future.

Name of education:Practical Filmstudies 2
Course starts:August 2018
Deadline for application:closed
Extent:40 weeks, 2 semesters/terms
Competence:Senior high school or such
CSN (Swedish student aid)?:Yes, including possibility of loans covering tuition fees
Tuition fees:87.000 SEK / year


Are you interested in our education or just curious about our school? Welcome to a visit us. Please give us a call before you come to make sure we will have time to show you around.

We are located in Hägersten, at Karusellplan 13. Closest metro station is Midsommarkransen.



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Quotes by former students



Here at Stockholm Film School you will find skillful teachers, staff and classmates who are 100% committed.

We consider our students a part of the film industry and we steer the education as close to the industry as possible. We think it is important to meet and pay attention to each individual student, and tutor them artistically, socially and personally keeping the needs of the individual in mind.


This is a practical education where you will be a part of several teams comprising 5-6 pupils, and you create, experiment and learn a lot with every new exercise. The exercises are evaluated with a professional teacher who will give you feedback that you can take with you in your future work.

Apart from the shorter exercises you also work on longer film projects that are produced under tutors who are themselves working professionals. In this way the work process is a mirroring of how productions are conducted in the film industry


You will be taught primarily in the fields  of scriptwriting, directing, producing, cinematography, lighting, sound recording, editing, sound design and post production.

You get the opportunity to work and gain experience in the different professional roles to find the role you feel is most rewarding.

Above all you develop your skills in storytelling with film, and in shaping a story!