Welcome to Stockholm Film School

After a long time in “development hell”, we finally get started with Stockholm Film School’s very own blog!

Here we will pay attention to various things that happen at school, film shootings, seminars, students, teachers and other film-related things, to shed some light on an otherwise more unknown part of the film’s mysterious, sometimes frightening but wonderful world.

Welcome to the “inner circle”!

An update on what’s happening RIGHT NOW:

Class PF1 writes so the pens catch fire on the script for their “Mid film”, the last, big project for the semester.

Of all the scripts that are written, only two are selected to be realized on film.
Of course, this does not mean that the remaining manuscripts have been in vain and scrapped.
No, even though a script is not selected at one time, it does not mean that they cannot be done in future school projects, or on their own.
PF1 student Johan Stavsjö does this, who this week directed a film based on an earlier script he wrote himself. Together with their classmates as a crew, they made use of the many important experiences gained during the semesters.

Class PF2 is also working on its big final films, Café Limbo and Rosa Rummet, after many weeks of preparation. We will follow up with interviews with the respective directors to get a little insight into what they are about soon!

This weekend, class PF1 also recorded a commercial for Swedish Cinema, produced by the school, which will be shown in selected cinemas across the country!

Keep your Eyes open!

On Monday the 3rd of April at 18:00, the Swedish director Daniel Espinosa, a former student at Stockholm Film School, will hold a seminar on directing at Klarabiografen in Kulturhuset.

Daniel Espinosa is previously known for films such as Easy Money, Safehouse, Child 44 and now Life, which premiered on March 24th.
It will definitely be exciting and inspiring for all of us little Swedish filmmakers with big dreams.

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May the force be with you!

Written by Tomio Araki, PF1