We had pizza with Ivica Zubak

Last week, the school was visited by director Ivica Zubak , who, among other things, directed the critically acclaimed feature film Måste Gitt (2017), and now also directs the sequel to the film, Måste Gitt – the series . We ate pizza, watched Måste Gitt (the movie) and talked about how to get your project funded, what to think about and how to find the right people to work with.

For Ivica himself, the interest in film came when he, somewhat by chance, saw Kieslowskis The Blue Film , and above all a scene where you have a close-up of some sheet music while listening to that same music – that was when he realized that he also wanted to make a film.

Click to see a short clip where Ivica tells us why they chose Jordbro as location for the film (in Swedish).

Ivica offered some funny anecdotes from filming, including how he looked up Lena Endres ‘s phone number online, called her a month before the filming of Måste Gitt and asked if she wanted to join. She said yes, even though the production could only offer her a fraction of her usual fee.

He also emphasized the importance of creating a network in a context like a film school, finding good people you simply want to work with. And so our students were encouraged to take advantage of their time as film students – to make films all the time, to try their hand at finding what they like (“You have to try everything to know what to do, but you will be better if you do what you like “), and above all to never give up:

-It’s not the best people who make films, it’s the ones who never give up.

Thanks for a great talk Ivica!

(Måste Gitt – the series is now available on SVT.)