The Film Director Prepares – a two day workshop with Jonas Grimås

THE FILM DIRECTOR PREPARES – a two day seminar about everything you need to know before you shout Action!

The Film Director Prepares is a two day seminar originally created for the London Film School’s Short Course Programme in 2014 where it’s held 2-3 times per year. It is aimed at prospective filmmakers with or without previous filmmaking experience; intent on making a particular film, or entering the film industry, or just applying to film school.

The seminar is a step-by-step outline, or road map, for the entire preparation process. It is as relevant for producers and any other craft skill practitioner as it is for directors, because it deals with the filmmaking process holistically. The role of the director is seen as central to the filmmaking process, but it also connects intimately with a large number of other creative, craft, and organisational roles.

The course takes a very practical approach. Participants will study a screenplay which has already been produced for television, and we work our way through each step of the preparation as outlined below. We’ll conclude by watching the finished film and asking what could have been done differently – or better.