Film shooting in the dark

“In the middle of the night, in a secret laboratory in the middle of the forest, an alarm goes off. The cleaner DAVID (25) is asked by a night watchman to immediately evacuate the facility. On the way out, he meets a stranger, the trainee SOFIA (23), who also worked the night shift.”

During the autumn, our second year students have worked with genre films. The film Paradise is about the human-like robot Liv that is released and let out from a secret laboratory, with the help of trainee Sofia and her involuntary helper David . The shooting went on during the night and included, among other things, ice-cold baths and forest hunts.

The team behind Paradise is:

Script: Astrid Westerlund Norberg
Director: Joel Georgsson
Producers: Lovisa Väyrynen and Lena Blom
FAD: Julia Gahne
DoP: Georg Schierbeck
Camera woman: Lena Blom
Electricity: Maria Östling
Sound: Lovisa Väyrynen
Script supervisor: Charlotte Johansson (who’s not a student at school!)

Photos are taken by Marcelo Racana.

DoP Georg Schierbeck and script supervisor Charlotte Johansson
DoP Georg Schierbeck and director Joel Georgsson in the background
Script supervisor Charlotte Johansson