Acting 10 weeks is a ten week long intensive course, that teaches you film and theatre acting, techniques in physical and voice acting, and an understanding of the industry of acting.

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Acting 10 weeks will provide insight in film and theatre acting and will provide the student with a toolbox of techniques in physical and voice acting, and understanding of the industry of acting. The course is well suited for industry-professionals, event and stage performers.

The course is held by actor Joakim Nätterqvist.

Name of education:Acting – 10 weeks
Level:Intensive course
Study hours:Twice a week, weekdays at 6 pm – 9 pm
Extent:10 weeks, 60 hours
Course starts:6 September 2022
Certificate:Upon completion of the course, a course
certificate is issued
Course fee:29.000 SEK with possibility to pay in parts
Student aid (CSN):No
Language:English or Swedish

The course will teach you

  • How to analyze text.
  • How to prepare as an actor.
  • How to build a character for theatre, film and voice acting.
  • How to work with physical acting.
  • How to use your voice.
  • How to work with a director for theatre and film.
  • How to collaborate.
  • How to find your own personal vision as an artist.

The course is well suited for industry professionals, event and stage performers who aim to develop in acting, both in theatre and on film.

The course is suitable for you who want to invest in acting, but may not have the time or finances to take a longer full-time course.

The course is also suitable for you who plan to apply for a higher education in acting, and gives you the right knowledge and experience to increase your chances of getting admitted to such education.


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Joakim Nätterqvist is an actor trained at the Theater Academy in Stockholm. He is best known from the films about the Knights Templar Arn, where he plays the lead role, but has also participated in various tv-series, such as Gåsmamman and Maria Wern. He also played a big part in the Russian blockbuster film Viking. Joakim has participated in many productions at Stadsteatern and Riksteatern, among others, and is one of the founders of the acting education Actors Studio Stockholm.

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