Stockholm Film School, founded in 1984, is a dedicated school whose education focuses entirely on practical filmmaking and acting. We offer longer basic education as well as many shorter courses in specific areas of use and professions.

Stockholm Film School has a long experience of professional film production and learning. Our model is to attach great importance to the story in all professional areas, and that our students receive a good education in script, directing, photography, editing, sound, production or acting.

We are proud of all our students, many of whom work successfully both in Sweden and internationally and we are convinced that our model has an important role in it!


…to give our students basic knowledge in film production and storytelling in script, directing, cinematography, sound, editing, production or acting.


…that the students after the education should be able to work in film production and possess the necessary foundations to apply for higher education such as Stockholm University of the Arts, the University of Photography and Film in Gothenburg or other similar educations abroad.


…that our students gain an understanding of and contact with the film industry through regular lectures and internships within established companies and institutions. Students must also have an understanding of the various aspects of film work, to make the student a sought-after employee for production companies and industry organizations.

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