Director Peter Grönlund to our inspirational seminar on December 2nd

Peter Grönlund is a former student at Stockholm Film School and the director behind a number of award-winning short films – including The Jaukka Brothers (2010, awarded Prix Européen at the film festival in Brest) and Gläntan (2011).
In 2015, he made an acclaimed feature film debut with Drifters (Tjuvheder), which won 5 Guldbaggar. In 2018 came Goliath (Goliat), awarded with 4 Guldbaggar.

Peter is known for working with social and political issues such as the precariat, drug abuse and homelessness, and has been mentioned as Sweden’s own Ken Loach.

On Monday, December 2 we invite him to an inspirational seminar at Zita Folkets Bio in Stockholm. In connection with the talk, his film Goliath is shown.

About the film:
Goliath is a family thriller drama depicted by a divided family in social exclusion, which takes place in a run-down industrial society. A story about Sweden today and the people who are rarely seen in Swedish film – a lost working class that does not have the ability to break the social heritage.

Kimmie’s dad Roland will soon set out to serve a prison sentence. With Roland gone, Kimmie must assume the role of family breadwinner and take over his father’s criminal affairs. A task he is neither ready nor willing to assume. However, the social heritage is heavy in the family, where masculinity and strength are measured in the ability to win all battles. Something that Kimmie never succeeded with.