BROKEN HOME – a visit to a dark apartment building from another world

Our students are working hard on their studio films! BROKEN HOME takes place in a dark and shabby apartment, where Mika lives. The electricity has long been shut down, but Mika has managed to pull their own lines to their apartment. One evening, Mika gets accompanied by Dani, who in desperation knocks on their door and asks to be let in. Dani is threatened by someone who is in the stairwell, she needs to hide and get to stay with Mika. Suddenly, heavy steps are heard in the stairs, it creaks in the walls and the small light source flickers. Who is approaching and why is Mika and Dani really here?

Signe Ahlström Skarstedt has written the script to the film. The producers are Jean-Mikael Avellan and Olof BerglundJulia Gahne is directing, Georg Schierbeck and Cai Mingxuan are behind the camera, and Lovisa Väyrynen and Linou Gertz are managing the sound.