A visit from the Vancouver Film School

One weekend in October, we had an exciting visit from the Vancouver Film School, and more specifically Bob Woolsey, Michael Baser and Rodger Cove, who all three teach screenwriting for film and television. All three are also active in the industry as screenwriters, producers and / or directors.

The students got to participate in a workshop under the name From Script to Screen, where they got lots of useful knowledge and got to ask their own interesting questions. Then they had to shoot a 1-minute film in a groups. With a focus on the character of the story, the students were instructed in how the elements storytelling, screenwriting, acting and directing are combined to create a credible and effective film.

Vancouver Film School has 13 different full-time educational programs, and over 1,000 students on 8 different campuses. Therefore, it is extra fun that the teachers who visited us were deeply impressed with our talented students’ skills, and our educational structure and exercises, which they got to see more of when we showed the results from our latest recording exercises at school!

Below are some pictures from the visit! Many thanks to the Vancouver Film School, we hope to expand the collaboration in some form in the future.

Read more about Vancouver Film School here.