15 TUSEN – in the making!

15 TUSEN is about Gunilla, mother of 16 year old Tommy who is a somewhat problematic teenager. This evening, the doorbell rings and an unfamiliar man appears. The man, Alex, claims that Tommy has stolen his car, and wants Gunilla to pay 15 thousand. Gunilla is facing a dilemma, does the man speak the truth? Or is he a criminal who tries to squeeze them on money? Gunilla gets scared at first, but then she realizes that the situation can be fatal, and she puts her fears aside to protect what is hers to protect.  

Join the shooting of the film!

The team behind 15 tusen consists of the director Joel Georgsson, the producers Robin Falck-Lovén and Hampus Olsson, cinematographers Daniel Wiberg and Signe Ahlström Skarstedt, and Arvid Berlin and Isabelle Häggström managing the sound. Georg Schierbeck has written the script.