Stockholms Filmskola har en lång erfarenhet av professionell filmproduktion och lärande. Vår modell är att lägga stor vikt vid berättelsen inom alla yrkesområden, och att våra studenter får god utbildning inom manus, regi, foto, redigering, ljud och produktion.

Vi tror att den viktigaste tillgången hos våra studenter är deras kreativitet och driv att göra film. På den här sidan har vi samlat lite av det som inspirerar oss.

”You have to be a very stubborn person to remain an artist in this culture”
Keith Johnstone

”We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way”
John Holt (educator)

”Anytime you have a story about an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation, you are in business”

Aaron Sorkin

”I shut my eyes in order to see”
Paul Gaugin

”You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm”

”Imagination is more important that knowledge”

Albert Einstein

”Not beautiful photography, not beautiful images, but necessary images and photography.”

Robert Bresson

”In fact making a short film is almost harder than make a full-length one: it demands an unerring sense of form.”

Andrej Tarkowskij

”A movie is closer to a short story than a novel. Keep it simple.”

William M Akers

”How hide from oneself the fact that it all ends up on a rectangle of white fabric hung on wall? (see your film as a surface to cover)”

Robert Bresson

”The purpose of art i not a rarified, intellectual distillate – it is life, intensified, brilliant life”

Alain Arias-Misson

”Most schools encourage children to be unimaginative”
Keith Johnstone

”Your plot will fall into place as, one day at time, you listen to your characters carefully, and watch them move around doing and saying things and bumping into each other”

Anne Lamott

”Poetry often enter throughout the window of irrelevance”

M.C. Richards

”Anytime you have a story about an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation, you are in business”

Aaron Sorkin

”My movie is born first in my head, dies on paper; is resuscitated by the living persons and real object I use, which are killed on film but, placed in a certain order and projected on to a screen, come to life again like flowers in water.”

Robert Bresson

”You get your intuition back when you make space for it, when you stop the chattering of the rational mind.”

Anne Lamott

”Dig into your sensation. Look at what there is within. Don’t analyze it with words. Translate it into sister images, into equivalent sounds. The clearer it is the more your style affirms itself. (Style : all that is not technique)”

Robert Bresson

“Heroes have qualities that we all can identify with and recognize in ourselves…
Stories invite us to invest part of our personal identity in the Hero for the duration of the experience. In a sense we become the Hero for a while…”

Christopher Vogler, “The Writer’s Journey”

”Lighting shapes the reality in front of the lens, giving it depth or flatness, excitement or boredom, reality or artificiality. The art of cinematography is the art of lighting and making that light tell the story”

Sam Kiwan/Leal Butler, SAE Auckland’s Film Department


”The number one thing a good logline must have, the single most important element, is: irony. A logline is like the cover of a book; a good one makes you want to open it, right now, to find out what’s inside.

The second most important element that a good logline has is that you must be able to see a whole movie in it.”

Blake Snyder, “Save the Cat!”

Tomas: Jag mår inte särskilt bra.
Märta : Vill du ha medlidande?
Tomas: Ja, tack.
Märta: Då får du gifta dig med mig.

Ingmar Bergman, Nattvardsgästerna


Stockholms Filmskola är en dedikerad utbildning som fokuserar helt på praktisk film.