Stockholm Film School focuses on learning through practical work.
The school is characterized by dedicated teachers and small teaching groups.


Praktisk filmutbildning is a two year education aimed at you want to take the stage in the film industry. You are trained in scripting, directing, production, photo, audio, light, cutting and movie analysis. Through practical exercises in studio and outdoors, you learn about the artistic as well as the technical aspects of film. In addition to lessons and practical filmmaking, you also participate in workshops with professional actors and in seminars with film industry professionals. The second year ends with internship where you get the chance to learn “out on the field” while linking invaluable contacts for the future.

Praktisk filmutbildning is taught in Swedish, CSN entitled and supervised by MYH – The Authority of Stockholm Film School.

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The International Film programme is a two year programme and taught in English. The first year is dedicated to the fundamentals of practical film creation which prepares students for more in-depth studies during the second year. The second year offers students the opportunity to specialize in specific fields with the goal of every student developing their talent, realizing their visions, and laying the groundwork for a future in film.

During the programme, you will learn about screenwriting, directing, photography, lighting, sound, editing, dramaturgy, leading production, technology, and much more within the creative and artistic film creation process. Each exercise, large or small, is followed by a discussion and evaluation. We believe that knowledge becomes skill after practical experience and reflection; this is the fundamental core of our educational strategy.

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Intenzio is an intensive course where you learn the basics of what you need for a movie to be created, including; script, direction, photo, audio, editing and  producing.

The course gives you training in script writing and film photography; imaging, camera functions and lighting. You learn how to give personal instruction, scene capture and converting an idea from script to movie.  Additional to this you also learn how to handle lights, filters and camera equipment and plan a recording. You will review audio recording equipment and how to handle and select the right microphone.  Over the course, we will also go through how to make a movie budge and to pitch your idea for the financiers. The course gives you practice in making movies with other people.

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Occasionally, we arrange workshops and short courses in film-making and acting for screen.

These courses usually last over a couple of days and is for you, who are already working in the film industry to achieve a deeper understanding for your profession and / or test new areas in film.

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Welcome to visit Stockholm Film School!
During Open House you’ll have the opportunity to watch movies by our student, get a tour of the school and take a peek how students work ‘on set’. Teachers and students will be here to answer your questions.

February 20, 3:00pm – 6:30pm
March 20, 3:00pm – 6:30pm
April 24, 3:00pm – 6:30pm

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