Complicated love in VERUS

Cinematographers Julia Rabe and Johan el-Masry behind the camera. Photo: Marcelo Racana.

The film Verus is about Frida, who is about to get a visit from her friend Kalle. Kalle comes to return a book he has borrowed, but Frida gets ready to open up her heart and tell him that she is in love with him. She has prepared for a nice dinner. But Kalle’s visit doesn’t turn out he way Frida planned, when he shows up with Saga, his new girlfriend.

Director Maria Östling instructing the character “Frida”.

The script for Verus is written by Joel Georgsson, the film is directed by Maria Östling. Find Gross Maurer and Daniel Oliva Andersson are producing, Julia Rabe and Johan El-Masry are the cinematographers, Find Gross Maurer and Lovisa Väyrynen manage the sound.

Producer Daniel Oliva Andersson with “Frida”.

Finn Gross Maurer and Lovisa Väyrynen managing the sound.


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