Learn to make film during a ten-week intensive evening course! FILM – 10 WEEKS teaches you the basics of the different disciplines – script, direction, cinematography, sound, editing and production – that you need to make film.

You who have started to take the first serious steps towards filmmaking surely know how difficult it is to move on to a higher level on your own. Film is a collective art form. You need knowledge, you need practice and you need a network of like-minded people if you want the result to be better and with a higher level. That is our goal with FILM – 10 WEEKS.

The next course will start in 13 FEBRUARY 2023


13 February – 26 April (Easter break week 14)

Hours: 18-21 at Karusellvägen 11 in Hägersten.

Name of education:FILM – 10 WEEKS
Level:Intensive course
Study hours:Evening course, at 6 pm – 9 pm
Extent:10 weeks, 60 hours
Course starts:February 2023
Course certificate:Upon completion of course, the participant
receives a course certificate
Course fee:29.000 SEK with possibility to pay in parts
Student aid (CSN):No
Language:English or Swedish

The course teaches you the basics of all the professional orientations needed for a film to be made: script, direction, cinematography, sound, editing and production.

  • The course gives you training in scriptwriting and teaches the basics of drama and short film dramaturgy.
  • You get to practice personal instruction, stage design and conversion of a script into a film.
  • You learn the basics of film photography; imagery, camera functions and lighting.
  • You will learn how to handle lamps, filters and camera equipment and plan a shooting visually.
  • The course teaches you to assess a recording location based on the sound engineer’s work.
  • You go through audio recording equipment and how to handle and select the right microphone.
  • The basics of sound editing.
  • You will learn how to apply for funding for your film idea and how to pitch a film for a consultant or financier.
  • How to make a film budget.

The course gives you practical practice in making films with other people.

The course is for you who want to immerse yourself in the knowledge you already have and want to create films supervised by professional filmmakers. The course is for you who want to get a network of film colleagues with the same serious goal, to one day be part of the film industry.

As the course takes place in the evening, it is suitable for you who want to be able to combine education with work. The course is for you who want to create film during ten intensive weeks, talk about film, discuss film and realize your own and others’ cinematic ideas.


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After attending a one-year film program at another school, I felt that that education was not enough to move on. Then I started looking for good schools and educations in film, and since I am a person who wants to learn through practice and preferably for a shorter time, FILM-10 WEEKS suited me perfectly.
I started at Stockholm Film School and it was exactly what I was looking for and that suited me best. I have met wonderful teachers as well as fellow students whom
I still have contact with and write and make short films and art films together. I have never regretted my decision. Stockholm Film School and Intenzio were for me the best choice among all film education.
If you are thinking about starting a film education, I highly recommend Stockholm Film School.

Azita Nia, filmmaker

I was 64 when I studied FILM -10 WEEKS in 2016, and started without any previous experience or knowledge of filmmaking. Intenzio is a very ambitious introduction to film production and the film industry. You learn the entire chain from script writing to post production. To get the maximum out of this short and very intensive course offered by Stockholm Film School, I needed a 100% commitment of days, evenings and weekends. It was a lot of hard work but incredibly instructive. All teachers were very experienced in their respective fields, which resulted in lessons, tutoring and all feedback being terrific.
After the course, it was no problem for me to take on assignments as a photographer and to handle sound and light as well as participate in castings and film preparations. So far, I have filmed and cut two pilots into upcoming feature films, three documentaries and a number of short films for companies and associations’ websites. I can honestly recommend Intenzio to anyone who is interested in film production and is ready to spend the time required for this intensive course.

Lars af Sillén, former officer, now artist and filmmaker

The name ‘Intenzio’ (FILM – 10 WEEKS) definitely how the course feels as it really is an intense course in its true sense. This means, of course, that it is a very demanding course at the same time.
But with that being said, it is also a very rewarding course that in a very short time succeeds in giving a taste of most parts of a film production, both creative and the practical. From the very beginning, it is a focus on learning by doing and although it can sometimes feel like being thrown into the deep part of the pool without being able to swim, the teachers are there to guide you.
Since Intenzio focuses on getting the students to do things themselves, the course will probably also depend on how much time you invest in it, but if you can, you have actually made your first short film when the course is over. For me, I needed to recover for a week after the course, but at the same time was hungry for more.

Johannes Ledel, journalist and filmmaker