Seminars are something that has always been an important complement to the practical teaching at the Stockholm Film School.

We have invited a lot of successful directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, producers, editors, etc., many of whom have taken their first steps with us, to talk about what inspires them, about the film business and the conditions of the industry in Sweden and abroad. In addition to each seminar, the invited guest chooses one of their productions to screen.

The talks were earlier held in collaboration with Kulturhuset and Klarabiografen. Since the spring 2019, they are held at Zita Folkets Bio. Here you can read about our guests and their talks. Most seminars are filmed, and below you will find several videos of the seminars. Click on the person to see the film!

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Our upcoming seminar with Pernilla Sandström has been cancelled due to the circumstances. We are hoping to be able to plan this event on another date. Please stay updated on our events by subscribing to our newsletter!

In 1999 Pernilla graduated from Stockholm Film School, and has since worked for Roy Andersson’s production company, both with commercials and feature films. Over the years, she has produced, among others, You, the Living (2007), which won the Guldbagge for Best Film and A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (2014), which was awarded the European Film Award for Best Comedy and the Gold Lion at the Venice Film Festival .
Most recently, Pernilla produced the film About Endlessness (2019), which won the Silver Lion in Venice for Best Director.
Since 2015, Pernilla has been a member of the European Film Academy.


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Joachim Rønning graduated from Stockholm Film School in 1994. Together with his childhood friend and fellow student Espen Sandberg he has directed big films such as Bandidas (2006), Max Manus (2008), Kon-Tiki (2012) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales (2017 ). His latest film Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019) has Joachim directing on his own without Espen Sandberg.

Joachim attended the seminar via a link from Los Angeles!


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Sophie Winqvist Loggins is a cinematographer with a background from the Stockholm Film School 2004 and Den Danske Filmskole 2009, who among other productions filmed the award-winning film Aniara (2018) and a large number of Bollywood films. Sophie has won awards for best cinematography for short films from Denmark and Sweden, and was the first woman to be represented by the agency The Talent Group. She works with fiction, documentary, advertising, music and art films.


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Daniel Espinosa is a former student at Stockholm Film School, and then at Den Danske Filmskole in Copenhagen. He has directed films in Sweden and in Hollywood, including the films Babylon Disease (2004), Easy Money (2009), Safe House (2012) and Life (2017).


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Leif Andree has a long background in acting both in theater and film. Most recently, he has been wokring with the autobiographical performance Leif at the Stockholms Stadsteater.


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Tuva Novotny began her acting career as a teenager when she starred in the TV4 series Skilda Världar (1996). She made her feature film debut in the film Tic Tac (1997), directed by Daniel Alfredsson. Since then she has starred in several Swedish and international films including Jalla! Jalla! (2000), Smala Sussie (2003) and Eat, Pray, Love (2010). In 2010, Tuva made her debut as a director for the Norwegian-produced TV series Dag, where she also played one of the lead roles. She has also written several screenplays for both film and television.
In 2018, she debuted as a director with the film Blind Spot, which was warmly received by critics. It received several nominations for prestigious film awards, and won, among other things, the International Critics’ Award at the Gothenburg Film Festival.


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Anna Wallmark is a former student and producer, and is among other productions behind films such as Stockholm Boogie (2005) and Kärlek deluxe (2014). She has also produced TV series such as Portkod 1321 (2012), Full Patte (2014), Farang (2017) and the 2017 Christmas Calendar-TV series Jakten på tidskristallen.


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Fredrik Wikström Nicastro is a former student at Stockholm Film School (1998 – 1999), and then went on to study at the then Dramatic Institute. He is currently a producer and feature film director at SF’s production company Tre Vänner. Fredrik has produced the Easy Money trilogy (2010, 2012 and 2013), One Eye Red (2007), The Boy with the Golden Pants (2014) internationally acclaimed Borg vs. McEnroe (2017), and produces the upcoming A man called Ove with Tom Hanks in the lead role.


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Cinematographer Jens Fischer has been awarded a number of film awards, including Guldbaggen three times for best cinematography. In 1984 he was awarded the Swedish Film Photographer’s Association’s Årets Filmbana Award. Among the films he photographed are The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009), the Änglagård Trilogy (1992, 1994 and 2010), A One-Way Trip to Antibes (2011), As it is in Heaven (2004) and Metal Brothers (2012), as well as numerous filmed versions of Astrid Lindgren‘s childrens books.


Producer Madeleine Ekman graduated from Stockholm Film School in 1994, and began her career in commercials. Later she switched to working for the production company Memfis, and worked with the film Mammoth (2009). Since 2009, she is CEO of Zentropa’s Swedish branch, Zentropa Sweden, and has co-produced films by Lars von Trier and Susanne Bier, among others. In 2015 she received a Guldbagge for The Here After (2015) which became The Film of the Year.


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Lena Endre had her big break through in 1987 in the Swedish TV series Varuhuset and has since done several major roles both in theater and in film. She has been awarded with significant awards several times, including two Guldbaggar.


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Director Espen Sandberg graduated from Stockholm Film School in 1994, and together with his childhood friend and fellow student Joachim Rønning he directed award-winning big films such as Kon-Tiki (2012), Bandidas (2006), Max Manus (2008) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017). In 2017, Espen Sandberg, together with Joachim Rønning, was named International Filmmaker of the Year 2017 at the CinemaCon Award.

In connection with the seminar we got an exclusive preview of the latest film Amundsen (2019).


Peter Grönlund is a former student at Stockholm Film School and the director behind a number of award-winning short films – including The Jaukka Brothers (2010, awarded Prix Européen at the film festival in Brest) and Gläntan (2011).
In 2015, he made an acclaimed feature film debut with Drifters (Tjuvheder), which won 5 Guldbaggar. In 2018 came Goliath (Goliat), awarded with 4 Guldbaggar.

In connection with the talk, his film Goliath was shown.


Anna Eborn is the documentary filmmaker behind, among others, Lida (2018), Epifanía (2017) and Pine Ridge (2013, won Best Nordic Documentary at the Gothenburg Film Festival). Her latest film Transnistra (2019) was internationally acclaimed and awarded, and won, among other things, the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Documentary at the Gothenburg Film Festival and the VPRO Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival.


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Fredrik Heinig is a producer and founder of the production company B-Reel Films with offices in Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Barcelona. B-Reel Films recently produced the critically acclaimed Euphoria (2017) by Lisa Langseth with Oscar-winning Alicia Vikander among the lead roles.


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Axel Petersén is the screenwriter and director behind the Guldbaggen award-winning film Avalon (2012) starring Johannes Brost. He has also written and directed short films such as A Good Friend of Mr World (2009) and Söndagsmiddag (2007) (on which he was also a producer and director of photography).
In connection with the seminar, the feature film The Real Estate (2018) was shown, which Axel directed together with Måns Månsson.


Isabella Eklöf is a director and screenwriter. In the seminar, she talked about her methods, subjects and aesthetic choices in her work, focusing on her controversial long-film debut Holiday (2018) and also her screenplay on the Cannes-awarded Border (2018), which also won 6 Guldbaggar, among others for Best Film.
In connection with the seminar, Isabella offered a preview of the movie Holiday.


Eva Melander is an actress, educated at the University of Theater in Malmö, who has attracted attention with her portrayal of Tina in the screen-adaptation of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s Border. Border was rewarded with 6 Guldbaggar, including for Eva who was awarded the Best Female Role. Eva has also had roles in most TV shows, including Lasermannen (2005), Äkta människor (2012), The Bridge (2014) and Jordskott (2017), and has participated in many theater productions at Dramaten, Stadsteatern and Riksteatern.

photo: Tove Risberg


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Harald Hamrell is one of the most successful and award-winning directors of film and television in Sweden. As a 16-year-old he joined Bo Widerberg as an assistant director. Over the years, Harald has directed a number of films and TV series, including the Storstad (1990), Vinterviken (1996), Äkta Människor (2012-2013, awarded with, among others, Prix Italia), 11 different Beck films, Miss Friman’s War (2014-2015, 2017) and now most recently the critically acclaimed SVT series The Restaurant (2017). He has also written the script for the Vinterviken (nominated for a Guldbagge for best script) and In Bed with Santa (1999).


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Josef Fares is the director and screenwriter behind films like Jalla! Jalla! (2000), Kopps (2003), Zozo (2005) and Babylon Disease (2004). In addition to films, he also works with computer game development and runs his own gaming studio Hazelight.


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Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein are former students at the Stockholm Film School, and today a prominent director duo who are behind several successful feature films such as Shed No Tears (2013), Underworld: Awakening (2012) and the latest Swoon (2018), TV series such as Spung (2004) and Midnight Sun (2016). They also co-created and wrote the script for the series The Bridge (2011-2015). In addition to film and television, they work extensively with advertising and have made films for IKEA, UNICEF and Telia.


Anna-Maria Kantarius graduated from Stockholm Film School in 1999, and then trained as a film producer at Den Danske Filmskole. Her productions include She Male Snails (2012, Audience Award at the Gothenburg Film Festival) and Something Must Break (2014, Best Film Rotterdam Film Festival 2014) – both directed by Ester Martin Bergsmark.
Her latest production Amateurs (2018) by Gabriela Pichler was awarded, among others, with the Dragon Award at Gothenburg Film Festival 2018. She also produces upcoming Ring mamma! (2019) directed by Lisa Aschan. Anna-Maria Kantarius has been working at the production company Garagefilm since 2010. Selected by Variety as one of ten Producers to Watch 2018.


Director and playwright Marcus Lindeen is behind several acclaimed plays and films. His documentary film Regretters (2010) has won awards both in Sweden and abroad, including Guldbaggen and the television prize Kristallen. His latest film The Raft (2018) was internationally acclaimed and won several awards, including the award for Best Film at CPH:DOX.


Mia Engberg is a former student at the Stockholm Film School and director, screenwriter and producer. Her documentary The Stars We Are was nominated in 1998 for a Guldbagge in the category Best Short Film. The auto documentary Belleville Baby (2013) won the documentary film award at the Tempo Documentary Festival 2013, as well as a Guldbagge for Best Documentary.


Jan Marnell is a producer for film and TV series with long experience. His films include Arn: The Knight Templar (2007), Ravens (2017) and Hamilton: I nationens intresse (2012). For television he has produced Midnight Sun (2016), The Return of the Dancing Master (2004), Vinna eller försvinna (2001) and most recently celebrated Fartblinda (2019).


Director Lisa Ohlin is educated at New York University Graduate Film School. She directed the successful Simon and the Oaks (2011) which won the Audience Award at the Gothenburg Film Festival, and was nominated for 13 Guldbaggar. Between 2007 and 2010, Lisa was a feauture film consultant at the Swedish Film Institute, and has since managed to direct both television series, feature films, musicals and some 30 commercials. The latest feature film Walk with me (De Standhaftige) (2016) was warmly received by critics.


Lisa Aschan is a film director and screenwriter educated at Stockholm Film School and The Danish Film School in Copenhagen. Her feature film debut She Monkeys (2011) was rewarded with three Guldbaggar and has won several awards including at the Berlin Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival. She has also written and directed The Deposit (2015) which received five Guldbagge nominations, and most recently Ring mamma! (2019) which was nominated for three Guldbaggar, including for Best screenplay.


Here at Stockholm Film School you will find driven teachers, staff and fellow students who are ready to give 100%. We believe that our students are part of the film industry and we run the education so that it is as close to the industry’s requirements as possible. We think it is important to meet and see each student individually and guide the student artistically, socially and personally according to the student’s needs.


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