Stockholm Film School (Stockholms Filmskola) is a non-profit association with corporate identity 802014-4187, which conducts educational activities without yielding profit. The education is financed exclusively via tuition fees.
The film school has statutes, a board and an employed artistic leader/principal. The film school owns certain technical equipment and employs requisite teachers.


The school year is divided in autumn- and spring terms/semesters.
Application to participate in the film school’s autumn and spring courses shall be done in this application form and be provided to the school at the given date of deadline which can be found on the homepage.
Applicants who are admitted to the school are informed by e-mail to the adress submitted in the application. Together with the admission notification, the applicant’s application fee is also invoiced. At the latest a week after receiving the admission notification the admission fee of 5.500 SEK must be paid to the school’s plus- or bankgiro (bank account).
When the admission fee has reached the school admission is definite. If the admission fee is not paid on time the admission is rendered void, and the ensuing vacancy is filled by another applicant.


All tuition is mandatory. Each subject teacher states the individual pupil’s opinion, either passed, or stroke (not attended.) To pass (which is necessary to qualify for the next year and/or graduation,) a full or minimum 80% attendance is required for all teaching occasions (including lectures,) and completed exercises. If you get sick or encounter any other unavoidable obstacles which hinder you from attending a lesson, please contact the teacher in question and see if you can catch up in any other way. It is also important that you inform the school of your absence as soon as possible. A certificate with transcripts of all completed courses will only be handed out to students who have completed the whole education to the last term/semester, and paid in full. If the student has missed any parts of the course this will be noted in the certificate.


The total tuition fee per school year is 87.000 SEK. With respect to the conditions from CSN (Swedish Student Aid) the yearly tuition fee, excepting the admission fee of 5.500 SEK, consists of partial payment 1 of 40.000 SEK and partial payment 2 of 41.500 SEK.
You can apply for an extra loan from CSN to cover the fee. See information here (available in English).


The partial payments will be invoiced to the students or to a by the student advised firm or legal person – in two invoices, which expire before the start of each term/semester according to given dates on the invoice. When nonpayment according to invoice occurs, statutory fees will be added.

If an applicant who has been accepted to the school and paid the admission fee decides not to start the course at autumn our spring term, the film school must be notified as soon as possible, at the very latest August 1st or s/he is obliged to pay the remaining tuition fee 81.500 SEK according with the sent invoices.

If an applicant who has been admitted to the autumn or spring term wants to postpone the start of their education, or if they desire to make an interruption in their started course the film school must be notified immediately and accordingly. Postponement or interruption does not exempt the student from the obligation to pay the full tuition fees (5.500 + 81.500 SEK) as invoiced.