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Stockholm Film School (Stockholms Filmskola) is a non-profit association with corporate identity 802014-4187, which conducts educational activities without yielding profit. The education is financed exclusively via tuition fees.
The film school has statutes, a board and an employed artistic leader/principal. The film school owns certain technical equipment and employs requisite teachers.


Application to participate in the Film School’s course Intenzio shall be made through the form above and be provided to the school at the given date of deadline.

Applicants who are admitted to the course will be notified by e-mail to the address submitted in the application.


Efter avslutad kurs utfärdas ett kursintyg till den deltagande.


Total course fee is 26.000 SEK, including a registration fee of 6.000 SEK.

If you are admitted to the Stockholm Film School’s Intenzio course after an interview, you accept the vacancy by paying a registration fee of 6.000 SEK (invoiced with admission notice with due date 7 days ahead).

Remaining course fee (20.000 SEK) is invoiced at the start of the course, with due date 14 days ahead.

There is a possibility of payment in parts. Partial payment is granted after the usual credit check. In case of a partial payment, an administration fee of 525 SEK will be added, and the total course fee will then be 26.525 SEK. If you wish to pay the course fee in parts, please notify us as soon as possible.


The course fee is invoiced to the student or to a by the student advised firm or legal person. In the event of non-payment by invoice, statutory fees will be charged.

If an applicant who has been accepted to the school and paid the admission fee decides not to start the course, the film school must be notified as soon as possible or s/he is obliged to pay the remaining tuition fee of 20.000 SEK according with the sent invoice.

Regardless of when the above mentioned notification has been received by the Film School, the registration fee will not be refunded.