International Film programme

Stockholm Film School now offers an International Programme in Film Production

Stockholm Film School now offers international students the same education that has made it one of the finest film schools in Scandinavia. We have 35 years of educational experience in professional film creation. The careers of many successful producers, filmmakers, screenwriters, and cinematographers began at our school, and for the first time ever we are welcoming applicants from around the world!


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Learn about films by making films
Our international film programme consists of two years of full time studies. The first year is dedicated to the fundamentals of practical film creation which prepares students for more in-depth studies during the second year. The second year offers students the opportunity to specialize in specific fields with the goal of every student developing their talent, realizing their visions, and laying the groundwork for a future in film.

Experience in all aspects of film creation
During the programme, you will learn about screenwriting, directing, photography, lighting, sound, editing, dramaturgy, leading production, technology, and much more within the creative and artistic film creation process. Each exercise, large or small, is followed by a discussion and evaluation. We believe that knowledge becomes skill after practical experience and reflection; this is the fundamental core of our educational strategy.



Knowledge and networking for the future
The economic and cultural conditions for film production varies around the world, but the core fundamentals of drama and film storytelling are universal. Working and creating film with an international group of students will help you develop in a multitude of ways, and will build the international network you need for the future!

To ensure a high level of quality and each student’s individual development, we only accept a few students each year. Stockholm Film School is a private institution where each student pays for their own education. The educators and administrators work daily to ensure that each student has access to all aspects of an excellent film production education, and excellent opportunities to develop and succeed as a professional within the film business in Sweden and abroad.

The International Film programme is taught in English and offered to international students. Students from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) are referred to apply to our Practical Film programme.

20 November: Deadline for application
5 December: Notifications to successful applicants
15 December: Deadline to accept or decline an offer

School year: mid August – mid June
Winter holiday: mid December – mid January

18,000 € /year + 50€ application fee
Students are required to the pay a tuition fee before the semester begins. Scroll down to see terms & conditions.

  • Personal letter- Maximum one A4 page (inkludera font, storlek, radavstånd!)
  • Letter of recommendation- Maximum one A4 page


  • A short film screenplay- Maximum six pages




  • Eight images that, together, tell a story
  • A recording where the applicants talk about the images -Maximum five minutes




  • Skype Interview


If you are admitted to Stockholm Film School you will receive an offer by email.



In order to keep your place at Stockholms Film School, you will be asked to make a  payment for the first instalment of 800€ within 10 days. When this fee is paid you will receive a acceptance letter.




The final tuition fee of 17,200€ is paid in advance, before the school starts, lates by 5 August.






The cost of living is approximate 7,600€ / year. This is excluded rental and private health insurance.

Non-EU students need to apply for student visa. Click here for information about how to apply for student visa.

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens -you should register for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in your home country before coming to Sweden. This card gives you the right to medical care at the same cost as Swedes.

Non-EU/EEA citizens: stays of less than one year
– If you have a residence permit valid for a period of less than a year, you won’t have access to the public health insurance. Students who aren’t covered by the public health insurance must arrange for their own insurance coverage, as medical treatment can be very expensive without any form of insurance. It’s highly recommended to arrange for health insurance from your home country so that you’re covered during your trip to Sweden and as soon as you arrive.

Please be advised that Stockholm Film School will not be able to provide accommodation for students. There is a huge shortage of apartments for rent in Stockholm and it is important that you start looking for housing well in advance. The average price range for rooms are 280€ to 850€ a month depending of the distance to Stockholm city centre.
There are several webpages that offer accommodations. Although the majority of rentals posted online are legit, you will sporadically find some “bad people” out there and you should follow these three simple rules and for your safety:
1. Never pay before signing the contract
2. Ask the landlord for his personal id when signing the contract to validate his information (he will do the same with you so don’t be shy).
3. Pay the deposit only to a Swedish bank account


(latest by 20 November 2019)


What have you done after high school up till now?

Tell us your experience with the below mentioned art forms. Which tasks have you performed? Which technology have you worked with?

Mark your degree of interest in the following fields of work. (5= very interested)







Mark your level of knowledge in the same fields. (5= very skilled)







(Do not critique the films, describe your experience!)

Attach required supplementary material below. Please remember that no single file can exceed 2 MB!

(godkänd filtyp: pdf)

(godkänd filtyp: pdf)

(godkänd filtyp: pdf)

(approved file formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, maximum size: 2 mb/file)

(approved file formats: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, maximum size: 2 mb/file)

(approved file formats: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, maximum size: 2 mb/file)

(approved file formats: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, maximum size: 2 mb/file)

This may take up to a few minutes.



Stockholm Film School (Stockholms Filmskola) is a non-profit association with corporate identity 802014-4187, which conducts educational activities without yielding profit. The education is financed exclusively via tuition fees.
The film school has statutes, a board and an employed artistic leader/principal. The film school owns certain technical equipment and employs requisite teachers.


The school year is divided in autumn- and spring terms/semesters.
Application to participate in the film school’s autumn and spring courses shall be done in this application form and be provided to the school at the given date of deadline which can be found on the homepage.
Applicants who are admitted to the school are informed by e-mail to the adress submitted in the application. Together with the admission notification, the applicant’s application fee is also invoiced. At the latest 10 days after receiving the admission notification the admission fee of 800€ must be paid to the school’s bank account.
When the admission fee has reached the school admission is definite. If the admission fee is not paid on time the admission is rendered void, and the ensuing vacancy is filled by another applicant.


The total tuition fee for the international course per school year is 18.000 €. In order to accept the offer and secure your place at Stockholm Films School it is necessary to pay the fees and charges due as indicated in the Letter of Offer.


A non refundable application fee of 50€ must be received at the time of application in order of the admission application to be processed. Students should pay the first instalment of their tuition cost of 800€ within 10 days from the date they have been offered a place and have accepted their offer. The second instalment of 17,200€ has to be paid before the beginning of the school year and no later than 5 August. When nonpayment according to invoice occurs, statutory fees will be added.

Payment is made via bank transfer to:

Domestic payment within Sweden
Name of bank: Handelsbanken
Bank giro service: 5476-4063

International payment from abroad
Name of bank: Handelsbanken
Adress to bank:
Hantverkargatan 33
112 21 Stockholm
Account name: Stockholms Filmskola
Account number: 621 670 448
BIC/IBAN: HANDSESS / SE91 6000 0000 0006 2167 0448

If an applicant who has been accepted to the school and paid the first instalment decides, of any reason, not to start the course, the film school must be notified in writing by e-mail as soon as possible, at the very latest on 10 July or s/he is obliged to pay the remaining tuition fee of 17,200€ according with the sent invoices. The first instalment of 800€ is non-refundable.